We’re having the party on the 28th to celebrate the release of “The Portable Dorothy Parker.” Today I added interviews I did with Marion Meade, who edited the book and wrote the introduction, and Seth, who is the cartoonist who drew the cover and the jacket design.

In the Meade interview, she says, “I took out all the book reviews that seemed to me to be antiquated and that smelled more like the 19th Century than the 20th. They were of works that were not really up to date.” Read the interview here.

Seth, a Canadian artist who is also working on covers and box sets for the Peanuts strips archives, was wonderful to talk to. He says, “I submitted sketches and then surprisingly they didn’t make much in the way of fiddling. The one thing they said to me at the beginning was, “Don’t make it too depressing.” That sort of put me off right away because I thought I’d like it to be a bit depressing; I actually would’ve liked to have been much more depressing. It seemed hard to me to write about Dorothy Parker without having some element of pathos to it. So I immediately thought that didn’t sound good.” Read the interview here.

See you at the party: