This bronze plaque was put on 310 W. 80th Street by the apartment building owner.
Like any good tour of a literary person, you need to know where they lived and worked. A lot of the places where Mrs. Parker lived are woven into the fabric of her stories. By visiting the streets and neighborhoods she once walked, one gets a sense of being inside a Parker story or piece of verse. These are roughly listed in the chronological order of when she resided in each locale.

Birthplace, 22 August 1893, where Dorothy Rothschild was born, on the Jersey Shore

Childhood Home, 1893 Upper West Side residence where Dottie Rothschild lived before her mother died

Pre-Teen Home, young Dorothy’s home at turn of the century, on West Sixty-eighth Street

Sixty-eighth Street Snow, see the unfair world through a child’s young eyes

Young Poet’s Home, as a teen and young adult Dorothy Rothschild resided here, West Eightieth Street

Boarding House, where Dorothy lived while single, working in publishing

The Parkers, Dorothy lived here when Eddie was away in the war, and when she joined the Algonquin Round Table

The Bad Apartment, apartment in midtown where Dorothy and Eddie Parker had some bad times

The Algonquin Hotel, Dorothy had a furnished room here, and could pop down in the elevator to meet her pals at the Round Table

The Lowell Hotel, when suffering from writers block, she checked in here

Art Deco End, this apartment on East Fifty-second Street was the last place Dorothy lived before moving to Los Angeles

Denver summer house, this bungalow is where Dorothy and Alan lived in the summer of 1934

Pennsylvania Parker, during the Depression, Dorothy and Alan bought a farmhouse in Bucks County

The Volney Hotel, where Dorothy lived for the last 15 years of her life, and died June 7, 1967

Chateau Marmont
When Dorothy Parker was living at the Chateau Marmont, the heydey of Hollywood was at its peak. It is located at 8221 Sunset Blvd. (Photo by Kurt VanderSluis)
Hollywood Period
For more than 30 years Mrs. Parker spent time in Los Angeles. These are locations from her life in Hollywood.

Chateau Marmont, Sunset Boulevard

The Garden of Allah, Sunset Boulevard

First Beverly Hills Home, North Canon Drive

Big Beverly Hills Mansion, North Roxbury Drive

West Hollywood bungalow, Norma Place