Hotel Endicott
You won’t find this in any tour guides: the former Hotel Endicott.
This is a former hotel for transients and business travelers, and is seven floors of efficiency or “studio” apartments. Located at 53 W. 72nd Street, each room in the Endicott has a small closet where a Murphy bed could be pulled out.

It was built in 1888, not long after The Dakota. It’s also where my apartment once was. I don’t know if Dorothy ever came to the hotel. The only famous thing I’ve been able to dig up about the place is that Tiny Tim was a resident at one time. Now its all apartments and hasn’t been a hotel in years. But Dorothy must have walked by it plenty of times in her decades of living on the Upper West Side, on her way home or to school.

It’s one of many buildings on the block that dates to the Nineteenth Century, so maybe it was among her haunts. If not, it’s still a nice place to live, and is only a block from her childhood home.