About The Book:
Taking the reader through the New York that inspired, and was in turn inspired by, the formidable Dorothy Parker, this guide uses rarely seen archival photographs from her life to illustrate Mrs. Parker’s development as a writer, a legendary wit, and a public persona.

Her favorite bars and salons as well as her homes and offices, most of which are still intact, are uncovered. With the charting of her colorful career, including the decade she spent as a member of the Round Table, as well as her intense private life, readers will find themselves drawn into the lavish New York City of the 1920s and ’30s. A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York allows readers to see the places that Mrs. Parker lived and loved it, as well as providing detailed maps and addresses so readers can visit them.

Some of the locations that readers will experience: The Vanity Fair offices of 1919, where Mrs. Parker worked as dramatic critic. The Algonquin Hotel, home base to the Vicious Circle. The Knickerbocker Hotel, scene of gin-soaked parties. The numerous apartments of the Upper West Side where young Dottie Rothschild grew up as an upper middle-class girl. For Broadway fans, an entire chapter is dedicated the theaters that Mrs. Parker patroled as the city’s first female critic.