We’ve been following the progress of Myriam Gendron in Montreal. This month, the Canadian singer-songwriter released an album based on Dorothy Parker verse. Not So Deep as a Well is a co-release by Feeding Tube Records and Mama Bird Recording Company. She licensed the material from Mrs. Parker’s estate.

The Parker poems that are on the record are:
1. Threnody
2. Solace
3. The False Friends
4. Ballade of a Great Weariness
5. Recurrence
6. The Red Dress
7. The Last Question
8. Not So Deep as a Well
9. Song of Perfect Propriety

It is getting good reviews early. An indie music blogger in Finland wrote, “I started today by listening to it on my way to work, I kept it on the whole 9 hour work day, because I never felt like I wanted or needed a change, I listened to it on my way to home from work and now I’m listening to it at home.”

On Thursday, March 13, the record release launch party will be in Montreal at Le Cagibi, 5490 Saint-Laurent. Follow Myriam Gendron on Tumblr and Facebook.